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Forget me not January 7, 2011

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The other day at half ten at night I was merrily typing away on my last blog post, feeling quite smug that I was actually being somewhat productive after work instead of lying on the sofa watching teen vampire dramas as per usual. Then I noticed a text from one of my best friends Sarah who lives in Dublin…that was sent at half 7…and that said she was ready to Skype when I was. We’d arranged to chat a couple of days ago and I had completely forgotten. It’s not like she’s a boring conversationalist or that I was doing more important things, it just completely slipped my mind. I apologised profusely and she replied the next day totally nonplussed and vaguely amused. She wasn’t surprised by my scattiness.

There are some people who would never leave their purse in the back of a New York taxi by accident, or go food shopping and not buy the one thing they really went for, or haven’t ever stepped foot in a London Transport/secondary school/department store’s lost property office. Some people don’t have to spend the day smelling like Old Spice because they neglected to buy deodorant and had to use their husband’s. I am not “some people”.

So the day after my missed telephone date I went out and bought a 2011 diary (5 days late of course) because without a date planner constantly on my person my day is littered with panic, regret and missed appointments.

As I am so reliant on these things, I am also very fussy. They must be a suitable size to carry around and the lighter the better. The indispensable things in life that live in my bag (phone, purse, keys, book, tissues, lip balm, lip gloss, eye drops, gloves, ear phones, old receipts, expired travelcards…) weigh far enough as it is. They must have a monthly planner on one page so I can fill in my engagements and  instantly see what I am doing that month. And they have to be pretty, because who doesn’t need pretty things in their life?

My 2010 Paperblanks diary (on the left) served me well. It was all of the above, even though it was slightly on the chunky side it had the added bonus of attracting pennies to the magnetic clasp so I always knew where my change was.

I set off to the same shop round the corner from my office, and was dismayed to find they didn’t have any this year. Then my eyes landed on my new Santoro day planner. It was slim, compact and cute. It had tabs to direct you to each month. It was on sale. I was sold.

A little exploring on their website found quite a few other adorable designs that I had not seen in the shop. I love all the different patterns on the scotty dog one, and it reminds me of my attempt at a homemade Valentine’s Day card. Unfortunately the shop on the website is down at the moment, but hopefully it will be up and running soon. And now I am armed with my brand spanking new diary I won’t miss my phone date in a couple of hours…well probably not.


2 Responses to “Forget me not”

  1. Tim Says:

    I have a diary now too, although we call them “planners” or “book calendars.” Mine is Moleskine because I’m a sucker for the brand. It is classy but it will fall apart before the year is done.

    PS: Did you remember to send a thank you note to the person who sent you your wallet from New York?

    Put it in your diary.

  2. Gaodie Says:

    I am enjoying your blog and loving the colorful pictures!

    Last year I got a moleskin planner too, but I hardly used it so it is in pristine condition. I got one last year because I was absolutely certain that I needed one. After seeing how cute your dairy is, I wanted to see other designs from Santoro but their site was down. 😦 I will forego this year’s written planner in favor of my smartphone planner. There is a certain experience to writing down entries and such but this past year I kept forgetting to check it and also the whole purse weight thing. You’d think I was carrying bricks!

    Enjoy the adorable new diary!

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