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Snappy snaps – tales of my new Canon 350D January 31, 2011

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I’ve been interested in photography for a while, and up until now my old Canon Powershot A640 served me well. It documented most of my three years living in Japan, my honeymoon in Hawaii and many other magical moments in between. However I have always encountered severe camera envy, especially when browsing Flickr or seeing gorgeous amateur wedding photography…and I have now made the leap into SLR ownership. My friend was selling a second-hand Canon EOS 350D for £150, and despite post-Christmas empty wallet syndrome I jumped at the chance.

He handed it over to me a couple of weeks ago, and with my prompting started tutoring me on ISOs, aperture, shutter speed and the appropriate situations to prioritise each with a slightly maniacal gleam of photographic passion in his eye. I’m not scientifically minded, so I found this recap on the Exposure triangle very useful.

And now, I am in love. The picture quality is sharp, it doesn’t have the frustrating lag between photos and it has a fun twiddly thing at the end of the lens to focus.

I’ve given it a whirl a couple of times and I have vowed to stay away from “auto” mode and editing tools until I have really got to grips with it and its capabilities. I know this means that my first thousand or so photos will be awful. I took about 40 photos of the same duck in Finsbury Park ranging from blindingly overexposed to pitch black while trying different shutter speed and aperture combos. Cropping is especially hard to resist as the standard 18-55mm lens doesn’t get me as close as I would like to things.

Nevertheless I will keep trying, and maybe I will be able to produce something really beautiful.

So here are the best of my first awful photos:


One Response to “Snappy snaps – tales of my new Canon 350D”

  1. Tim Says:

    You actually made our remote control look pretty nice. And our table, for that matter.

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