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2011 in photos January 20, 2012

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I decided that a nice way to commemorate a roller-coaster of a year would be in pictures. I dully flicked through my online photo albums and felt uninspired. Yes, there were some very happy times (weddings and hen -dos  of some of my best friends, trips to Edinburgh and Budapest, and family visits to name a few) but it seemed a bit flat somehow. So I went through my random, often drunken, often blurry (often drunken and blurry) phone photos. In no particular order:

From left to right:

1. I got accustomed to seeing my husband on TV and reading about him in the press. The Waitrose magazine was not the most renowned publication he was featured in, but it is the one I have a photo of.

2. A rather dark photo of Jaime’s Big Feastival that I went to with Tim in summer. I got all nostalgic when Athlete played.

3. Watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World at Somerset House. Lovely atmosphere and brill film for a closeted geek.



Long time no speak January 17, 2012

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I’ve decided to start this blog up again, but it seemed a bit strange to just launch back into it without addressing the months of silence…just like how I feel the need to apologise to a friend  for a longer than normal gap between emails or explain to the receptionist why I haven’t set foot in the gym for a year (or so I imagine I would have to if I actually had a gym membership).

Of course, like with the friends and the fictional gym there are valid reasons for this. I started a new, demanding and more “grown up” job in May and there were a host of exciting things (my husband’s many well earned successes, some of my American family moving to Edinburgh to name a couple) to keep me busy.

But a big reason – and this is why I feel guilty – is procrastination.

I spend far too much time playing games on the internet, idly browsing Facebook and watching TV shows aimed at teenagers. This must stop! The warning signs of a short attention span started in childhood  – by the age of 13 I had  a dusty violin (played it for a couple of years but gave up when I didn’t like the teacher), jewellery making kit (never looked as good as the picture on the box), knitting needles and wool, a flower press (can’t remember why I found that interesting in the first place) and other attempts at hobbies piled up in a cupboard never again to see the light of day.

So, I’m going to try to update this reasonably often, finish the half knitted cardigan that’s been hanging around and really get to grip with the practical use of shutter speed and aperture.

Wish me luck!