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2011 in photos January 20, 2012

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I decided that a nice way to commemorate a roller-coaster of a year would be in pictures. I dully flicked through my online photo albums and felt uninspired. Yes, there were some very happy times (weddings and hen -dos  of some of my best friends, trips to Edinburgh and Budapest, and family visits to name a few) but it seemed a bit flat somehow. So I went through my random, often drunken, often blurry (often drunken and blurry) phone photos. In no particular order:

From left to right:

1. I got accustomed to seeing my husband on TV and reading about him in the press. The Waitrose magazine was not the most renowned publication he was featured in, but it is the one I have a photo of.

2. A rather dark photo of Jaime’s Big Feastival that I went to with Tim in summer. I got all nostalgic when Athlete played.

3. Watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World at Somerset House. Lovely atmosphere and brill film for a closeted geek.

4. Technically this is a cheat as it was taken in December 2010 on the day the MasterChef final was filmed. This was also the first time I met Sara and Tom, but not the last. (That was not supposed to sound menacing).

5. Was feeling slightly smug at doing something cultured (listening to Japanese violinist Midori Goto at the Proms).

6. I wasn’t that fussed about the royal wedding, but I do like this photo. Also reminds me that my mother wanted me to go to St Andrews and meet and marry Prince William. Sorry mum.

7. On the 29th March, noodle restaurant Koya gave all their proceeds from that day to the Japanese Red Cross to help the earthquake victims. Not sure what to say about the earthquake, except the Japanese people dealt with it with grace and strength.

8. A beautiful macaroon given to me by Dr Tim Kinnard. He makes the best macaroons I have ever tasted.

9. Tim’s haggis and oatcake canapes. I am not a fan of haggis, but these are brilliant. I ate better in 2011 than I have in any other year of my life.

10. I got to go to a computer games expo with work. Unfortunately the photo of me next to R2D2 was taken on my colleague’s phone.

11. A room full of award winning cheeses at the BBC Good Food Show Winter, but you weren’t allowed to try any of them. Torture.

12. I don’t like making a fuss of my birthday, so I didn’t tell any of my new work colleagues. However they found out somehow, rushed out and got me this cake. I work with nice people.

13. The Hinds Head in Bray. I visited Tim while he was doing his stage at the Fat Duck. I did not get to eat at the Fat Duck.

14. My first Thanksgiving with my American family. My sister-in-law did most of the decorating, but my mum-in-law and I contributed with “hand turkeys”.

15. Jackie’s dessert at her PipeDream dinner. I have no photos of Tim’s Pipedream dinner, but that was also awesome.

16. My friend had her hen do meal on a tethered boat in the sea. It was nice, but sea sickness abounded. The major highlight was the speed boat ride on the way back to shore. The impromptu skinny dipping boys were quite amusing too (not pictured).

17. A lovely spring day in Regent’s Park. I spend many a contented lunchtime strolling around that park.

18. There were naughty shaped chocolates in this shop in Bruges. We all giggled then took a photo.Then we giggled at the photo.

19. This was taken mid run around the park near my house. I just put it in to prove that I sometimes exercise.

20. A dinner hosted by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. Tim and I knew no one there, but spoke to some lovely Scottish Diageo executives. We were the only non Scottish, non Diageo people at the table. It was surreal, but brilliant.

21. Afternoon tea at Libertys with my mum. If I could I would live there, though after an hour browsing, £600 seems a completely reasonable price for a vest top.

22. Blurry takoyaki at a stall outside the Up Market in Brick Lane.

23. Delicious thanksgiving dinner cooked by my brother-in-law.

24. Medieval banquet with 20 or so work people. The family with 3 kids the next table over obviously thought it was supposed to be an educational evening, and were not impressed by us banging on the table demanding more mead.

25. New Years ice cream sundae

26. Waiting for the movers on the last day in our Turnpike Lane flat.

27. Tapas with Ben, Noel and Wolfie in Hammersmith

28. I went to Paint a Pot for the first time last year. Then I went two more times. Does this mean that I am getting old?

29. Another ice cream sundae (this one at Byron). I like ice cream, sue me.

30. Knitting. I think this one crept in by mistake, but it’s too late to change it now.

Happy new(ish) year!


One Response to “2011 in photos”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I love you! This is a great post. And looks like it was a great year! I hope next year’s will feature a shot of you and Luke doing Wuthering Heights at my wedding. xoxox

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