Bad At Sports

Musings on crafts, cooking, travel and books…but not a bat or ball in sight

About January 2, 2011

Prior experience with blogs made me vaguely uncomfortable. Once at university I learned far too much about a friend’s breakup by reading both their blogs during that time. It was rather addictive and better than a soap opera (though after some of the stuff I learnt I found it hard to look either of them in the eye) but made me vow never to start one.

However in the last year or so I have found myself turning to blogs for inspiriation and advice on a great number of my interests – from recipes to knitting patterns – and been hooked to my talented and eloquent other half’s musings on food and design. So I stand corrected and have decided to use this site to waffle on about some of my greatest pleasures; reading, knitting, baking, living in a big city and shiny things.

The title is self explanatory to anyone who knows me. I would run up to the high jump in PE class then just stop in front of the bar paralysed with fear, and my first and last goal in football was an own goal. Thankfully being horrifically bad at sports doesn’t really matter after you leave school (except for instances like two terrifying and embarrassing hours during my 2009 staff Christmas party when I struggled to keep upright during ice skating) and cemented my interest in hobbies I could do indoors and sitting down.


One Response to “About”

  1. meemalee Says:

    Oh my god – kindred spirit! I did the same thing at high jump – ended up knocking the bar down and walking over it every time. The shame.

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