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Baby Boom – Pint-Sized Knits January 6, 2013

There’s been quite a baby boom in my office; six or so months ago a pregnancy was announced on an almost weekly basis and now most of them are ready to pop (or just have).

This has inspired me to buy a bunch of baby wool and knit cute little pastelly bits and bobs. My needles were clacking through most of December and this is what I produced.

I bought a couple of balls of Sirdar Snuggly baby bamboo DK (“skittle” – dark blue) and  Sublime baby cotton kapok DK in yellow, green and grey (“mashed banana”, “scoop” and”tin soldier” –  quite a few of these are half price at Black Sheep Wools at the moment). Both yarns are the same tension (28 rows by 22 sts) so perfect to work together.

I actually bought some circular needles to knit hats and booties with, but without thinking I bought 3o cm long ones which were way too long for tiny heads and feet. Luckily as well as being able to search for patterns by tension, yarn type, age and other useful things,Ravelry lets you select different knit “attributes”, so I just selected “seamed” patterns only.

Two of my colleagues were keeping the sex of their babies a surprise so pinks and blues were off the cards. I found this “purl stripes”  hat pattern that I made in a neutral yellow.


Was feeling a bit more ambitious (note the “intermediate” skill level on this one!)  so decided to try colour work for the first time with this Intarsia hat. It may have been running before I could walk because something went very wrong with the colourwork circles. I did consider pretending it was an abstract pattern, but then slapped myself on the wrist for being so lazy and just came up with my more suited to beginner square pattern. Apart from that, colourwork was pretty easy.


Booties were next – I completely fell in love with this pattern and made them again in green and yellow for another present. Lastly were these baby mittens for a friend’s little boy. I was pretty surprised when another friend told me that her baby would yank on their own hair while incessantly crying – not linking the hair pulling with the pain. They had to put socks on her hands so she couldn’t do herself any damage. With that in mind I thought these mittens would be a practical gift. Though they say to knit in the round, I just followed the instructions and seamed at the end.


So that’s it for me for the baby knitting for the moment, although I did buy a bunch of baby yarn in the sales in preparation for the next baby boom…


Two colour brioche stitch scarf February 26, 2011

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I have been absent from the blogosphere for too long now. I have a multitude of reasons, having way too much fun watching and supporting my husband Tim who is in the final 12 of Masterchef UK, job hunting, reviewing theatre productions for Extra! Extra!, dipping my toe into Twitter land and working on a new scarf. However the tardiness of the UK postal system is no longer a reason as the scarf I made for my mother-in-law finally arrived about a month after I sent it.

It was meant to be a Christmas present but I didn’t quite finish it in time, but living in chilly Wisconsin I am told she is getting some wear out of it now. As Nancy is an avid Packers fan ( a long term one, not a glory seeker because they won the Superbowl this year) I was advised to go for green and gold, mighty Green Bay’s colours.



New year, new knits January 5, 2011

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My knitting needles have been still of late while I revelled in  post-Christmas lethargy. However now I am back to work, the last leftovers have been eaten and the glut of family friendly musical films on TV have dried up I am ready for a new project.

I started knitting three or so years ago, a hobby principally started to keep my hands away from sweets and other fattening snacks while I hibernated in my non centrally heating apartment in Japan. But now knitting is cool and no longer just the domain of jam making silver haired octogenarians; I mean can you imagine a WI member rocking up to a Stich N Bitch meet?

My favourite knitting blog of the moment is French Press Knits. There’s beautiful photography and some inspirational designs. I’m determined to make this scarf before the end of winter, though being based in the UK  means I have at least five or six months to complete it.

There are plenty of beautiful knits in the shops to be found too: